Concrete jungle camo
April 30, 2014

I’m wearing an H&M camo jacket, Zara t-shirt and jeans, and Nike sneakers made in collaboration with J.Crew.

A M-65 field jacket in a painted camouflage print? Yes, please! Menswear, compared to womenswear, is particularly rooted in history and function. The M-65 field jacket was mid-century, standard issue military garb. Now it’s a staple in every sartorially minded man’s closets.

You can dig up a vintage M-65 field jacket up at your local army surplus store. Remember the one I got back in October? Or, you can snag one a reinterpretation of one at your favorite retailer. The one I’m wearing here is from H&M.

The M-65 field jacket is the perfect jacket for this time of year. It’s not cold enough for a winter coat. But it certainly not tank top weather yet. Like a trench coat, the medium weight cotton of the M-65 field jacket is ideal for transitional weather.

The knees wore out a few weeks ago and are perfectly broken in. I think every outfit needs an element that gives the impression that you didn’t try too hard. Whether it’s a pair of beat-up Chuck Taylors, or holey jeans, or a vintage leather jacket, this element will give the illusion of effortless, deshabille chic.

I’m gonna repeat one of old adages here. A pop of red can take an outfit from blah to banging. If you’re feeling meh about your look, add a red accessory. It adds visual interest to an otherwise uninteresting outfit. For example, this look could’ve worked with white Chuck Taylors, but I think the red Nike trainers are what make it blog-worthy.